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Legal support: purchase or sale (elaboration of contracts, licenses), domain (domain name) transfer, site, portal, web resource, program, software transfer

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If you sell or buy a single domain, a whole Internet resource or its part, do you make a sufficient analysis of papers you are offered to sign? Or you don’t read them at all? Or maybe you just do well without them. Each person has a right to decide what or who to trust and to what extent. Domestic market often provides us with contracts, which by chance or purposefully do not provide for any transfer to the buyer due to the illegitimate status of such a contract, despite the information, stated in these contracts, or the seller can often receive a burden of responsibility or extra liability, which often results in higher price to pay than the one stated in the contract. To protect you from such unpleasant experience with such documents we are ready to offer you elaboration of a contract or drawing of an expert conclusion on the existing set of documents (or its part) for transfer of rights to a domain name, a website or a computer program. If necessary we guarantee personal presence of a highly skilled professional while necessary documentation is being filed, also during the transfer of domains in offices of Moscow registering companies.

Term: 1-10 days.

Price ("all inclusive"): 500-2.000 €.

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Nike Reuters
KLM Navitel
ВКонтакте BBC
Билайн КМБ-Банк
Акадо Zabbix
ТАСС WildBerries



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