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Domain disputes for COM, NET, ORG, BIZ, INFO, MOSCOW zones and all the generic top-level domains (GURU, TV, FM, NAME, PRO etc.) according to the UDRP rules in the WIPO Arbitration center (Geneva)

Domain disputes for zones RU, SU and others in Russia

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Domain disputes concerning COM, NET, ORG, BIZ, INFO zones and all the generic top-level domains, that are subject to the international procedure UDRP in the WIPO Arbitration Center (Geneva) are no more exotic for our citizens. We conduct domain disputes concerning all the generic top-level domains: COM, NET, ORG, BIZ, INFO, AERO, ASIA, CAT, COOP, EDU, MOBI, MUSEUM, NAME, PRO, TEL, TRAVEL, XXX etc, and 72 country code top-level domains: AC (Ascension Island), AE (United Arab Emirates), AG (Antigua and Barbuda), AM (Armenia), AO (Angola), AS (American Samoa), AU (Australia), BM (Bermuda), BO (Bolivia), BR (Brazil), BS (Bahamas), BZ (Belize), CC (Cocos Islands), CD (Congo), CH (Switzerland), CO (Colombia), CR (Costa Rica), CY (Cyprus), DJ (Djibouti), DO (Dominican Republic), EC (Equador), ES (Spain), FJ (Fiji), FM (Micronesia), FR (France), GD (Grenada), GN (Guinea), GT (Guatemala), HN (Honduras), IE (Ireland), IO (British Indian Ocean Terr.), .IR (Iran), KI (Kiribati), KY (Cayman), LA (Lao People's Democratic Republic), LC (Saint Lucia), LI (Liechtenstein), MA (Morocco), MD (Moldova), ME (Montenegro), ML (Mali), MW (Malawi), MX (Mexico), NL (The Netherlands), NR (Nauru), NU (Niue), PA (Panama), PE (Peru), PL (Poland), PN (Pitcairn), PR (Puerto Rico), PW (Palau), QA (Qatar), RE (Reunion Island), RO (Romania), SC (Seychelles), SH (Saint Helena), SL (Sierra Leone), SO (Somalia), TJ (Tajikistan), TK (Tokelau), TM (Turkmenistan), TT (Trinidad and Tobago), TV (Tuvalu), TZ (Tanzania), UG (Uganda), VE (Venezuela), VG (British Virgin Islands), WS (Samoa).

In case you think that either your rights are violated by the domain holder or you receive reclamations we are ready to arrange the all necessary documents preparation for you for such a dispute either on plaintiff or respondent party. It is necessary to take into consideration that the international practice of domain disputes has different rules in comparison with the Russian courts, that’s why legal support should be qualified by all means.

Please become acquainted with those, who entrusted us the protection, and our cases (ru).

We have had experience in the WIPO Arbitration Center since 2006.

Please note that the analysis of and references to the precedents that provide uniform practice of the arbitration center, the arbitrator of which considers the case, are the keystone of success of the dispute under the UDRP procedure. Just this stage of our work is the most expensive and time-consuming, but in the interests of our customers we do not make simplified and typical complaints.

Price ("all inclusive"):
- On the plaintiff party: 2.500-5.000 € (+ 1.500 USD duty in WIPO),
- On the respondent party: 1.500-3.500 € (depends of the work volume).

The conduct of a case is carried out by the President of “Internet and Law” legal company – Anton Sergo, Prof., Doctor in Law.

Note: the stated prices are set for the typical situations and cover around 80% of the works in total. Exclusively the prices may either be decreased or increased: therefore it is necessary to fully describe the existing situation (as well as the necessary result) and send your version to the following e-mail:, afterwards you will receive the fixed price for your particular task.

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