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Court litigation: domain disputes in RU/РФ/SU, trade marks (brands), protection of company name, copyrights, photos, rights of the mass media, providers, hosters

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Unfortunately it is not possible to resolve each conflict during the pre-judicial stage. If you or your opponent have made up the decision to meet in the court, then it is necessary to prepare for the procedure. We are ready to help you with this matter by providing you with the fullest possible protection of rights and legal interests from whatever claims. The service is rendered in Russia and, if it is necessary, in international “domain” arbitration centers.

The work is performed for the below listed domain zones: RU, SU, COM, NET, ORG, BIZ, INFO, MOSCOW and all the generic top-level domains, if a defendant (lawbreaker) is in Russia. In respect of the aforesaid international domain zones the international litigation is possible.

The current legislation allows you to collect compensation from offenders in the amount of up to 65.000  € for each offense.

Please become acquainted with those, who entrusted us the protection and our cases (ru).

Price for the typical services:
(the cost of our services can be enforced by action against the losing party)

I. Analysis of the expediency of participation in the trial: free of charge.
The information is given on the basis of the materials, received by e-mail. Only by Russian.

II. Analysis of the available judicial documents and elaboration of the case position: 1.000-2.500 €.

III. Participation in the judicial process:
Variants (if a plaintiff and a defendant are in Moscow or the Moscow region):
a) Payment for the whole work up to the end (independently of the term and quantity of courts, court hearings etc.): 3.000-8.000 € (usually 4.500 €),
b) Payment for preparation of the whole case and the hearing in the court of the first instance (independently of the quantity court hearings): 3.000-5.000 € + 1.000-2.500 € per the next one (usually 4.000 + 1.000 €),
c) Payment for preparation of the case and the first hearing in the court: 2.500-4.000 € + 5
00-1.500 € per the next one (usually 3.500 + 500 €).
Note: Work on the side of a defendant costs 30-50% less than analogous work on the side of a plaintiff.
In all the cases everything is included:
- preparation of all necessary documents,
- collection of the proofs available,
- notary attestation, all the requests, duties and gatherings.

About money: in all the aforesaid cases we require compensation of the costs, that have been already born (that is effective only in the first variant).
In case of peaceful settlement of the dispute money are returned in part depending on the court’s instance: 20% - 15% - 10%.
We pass the writ of execution concerning the successful case to the bailiff, so we support the transfer of a domain name, but not final enforcement of the judicial act.

The conduct of a case is carried out by the President of “Internet and Law” legal company – Anton Sergo, Prof., Doctor in Law.

IV. Your case: Describe your situation and available documents in details, that will allow to define the perspective exactly and to elaborate acceptable conditions of collaboration.

Note: the stated prices are set for the typical situations and cover around 80% of the works in total. Exclusively the prices may either be decreased or increased: therefore it is necessary to fully describe the existing situation (as well as the necessary result) and send your version to the following e-mail:, afterwards you will receive the fixed price for your particular task.

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