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1. Consultation on the issues of the Russian legislation: domain disputes (RU, SU, COM, NET, ORG, BIZ, INFO etc.), copyright, photos, protection of honor, dignity and business reputation, mass media.
You may stop the violation of rights, or in some cases prevent the rights from being violated in case you receive competent and qualified legal consultation in time. In generally, everything depends on the primary appraisal of situation.

2. Judicial domain name examination (in order to establish similarity to trade marks, brands, company names, registered and/or protected in Russia).
Judicial domain name examination (in order to establish similarity to trade marks, brands, company names, registered and/or protected in Russia) is aimed to reveal real or possible opponents of a domain name owner, and also to check judicial validity of their possible claims.

3. Registration of computer programs, registration of the copyright to the site, registration of software and of the contracts of sale/purchase.
Everything is simple and quick:
1. You respond to the questionnaire and after we prepare all the documents.
2. You put the signatures on the documents prepared and the documents are transferred to the registration.
3. Afterwards you receive the official certificate.

4. Notary assurance of the site, Internet page (notaries attestation of the site, web pages), preparation of the protocol of the web site and pages survey.
One of the mail evidence of copyright violation in Russia in the Internet or trade mark rights violation in a domain name is notarization of web sites and Internet pages (notarial attestation of sites and web pages), that is carried out by a notary and is marked by a web site survey protocol. This service is included into our range of services.

5. Legal support of purchase or sale of a domain name (RU, SU, COM, NET, ORG, BIZ, INFO etc.), a site, software.
Elaboration of a contract or drawing of an expert conclusion on the existing set of documents (or its part) for transfer of rights to a domain name, a website or a computer program. Contracts, which by chance or purposefully do not provide for any transfer to the buyer due to the illegitimate status of such a contract, despite the information, stated in these contracts, or according to which the seller can often receive a burden of responsibility or extra liability, which often results in higher price to pay than the one stated in the contract, often appear. To protect you from such unpleasant experience with such documents we are ready to offer you elaboration of a contract or drawing of an expert conclusion on the existing set of documents (or its part) for transfer of rights to a domain name, a website or a computer program.

6. Participation in the pre-judicial stage of the conflict regulation in Russia: domain disputes (РФ, RU, SU, COM, NET, ORG, BIZ, INFO etc.), copyright, photos, protection of honor, dignity, business reputation, mass media.
In case any conflict in the legal sphere arise it is necessary to resolve it as soon as possible. Probably the parties may come to the mutually advantageous decision without court, it is not a secret, that the Russian courts are overloaded therefore the process may last for years and the final result can be not acceptable for both parties. It can be avoided in case both parties come to out-of-court settlement.

7. Court litigation: domain disputes in (РФ, RU, SU, COM, NET, ORG, BIZ, INFO etc.), protection of company name, copyrights, photos, rights of the mass media, providers, hosters.
Unfortunately it is not possible to resolve each conflict during the pre-judicial stage. If you or your opponent have made up the decision to meet in the court, then it is necessary to prepare for the procedure. We are ready to help you with this matter by providing you with the fullest possible protection of rights and legal interests from whatever claims.

8. Domain disputes for COM, NET, ORG, BIZ, INFO, AERO, COOP, JOBS, MOBI, MUSEUM, NAME, PRO, TRAVEL and others according to the UDRP rules in the WIPO Arbitration center WIPO (Geneva).
International dispute resolution system provides the parties with effective means of regulation of domain disputes. We will arrange preparation of the full set of documents for a plaintiff or a defendant in order the domain dispute could be considered according to the international UDRP system (in the WIPO Arbitration Center or other analogous international arbitration domain dispute center).

9. Protection of the rights of an owner of the trade mark of the account in the social network ("Odnoklassniki" -, "VKontakte" -, Facebook, Youtube, etc.), and of a copyright holder.
The rapid development of social networks has led to the fact that different brands are represented in them not only by the owners and users of these brands, but also by their opponents and competitors. Unauthorized use of a trademark (brand) as an account in the social network is often illegal and violates the rights of a trade mark owner. Existing legal tools allow to deal with such use effectively, all the more it can do great damage, including reputational one for a right holder of a trade mark.

10. Protection of honor, dignity, business reputation in the Internet, recovery of compensation for moral injury.
Modern activity of Internet users leads to numerous conflicts connected with the need to bring to responsibility for the protection of honor, dignity, business reputation and recovery of moral damage. If it is impossible to settle the issue peacefully, there is a need to resolve it in court.

11. Conduct of cases on infringement of the legislation on advertising, unfair competition with use of protected intellectual property: trade marks, copyright etc. in the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service.
The conflicts relating to the unauthorized use of intellectual property: trade marks, copyright objects often tend to involve the mechanism of protection of rights associated with the reference to the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service concerning infringement of the legislation on advertising, unfair competition while using of protected intellectual property (trade marks, copyright).

12. Notarization of copyright objects in Russia.
Notaries attestation of any copyright object (computer program, literary work, picture, design, illustration and other creative work in a paper-based form) is fulfilled.

13. State registration of Internet-sites in Russia as electronic mass media (network mass media).
Execution of the full complex of works connected with the official registration in the competent federal state authority including full and operative preparation of all  necessary documents and its delivery to all destinations and certificate receipt.

Х. Legal support in any disputed situation.

We will fulfill the following. We will:
- competently and clearly explain the "attacker", that he is wrong if he really does wrong;
- conduct negotiations and resolve the conflict in accordance with law and to the mutual satisfaction of the parties;
- offer simple steps to minimize legal risks in the future,
- prepare a claim, a complaint and other documents required,
- provide you with drafts of contracts, web site usage rules,
- prepare a disclaimer, sample of a claim and response to a claim.

And also we will perform remote work concerning the following issues:
- legal support of Internet projects;
- elaboration of optimal schemes of payment in the electronic environment;
- drawing up of contracts, legal examination of copyright agreements;
- examination of the site for compliance with the legislation;
- elaboration of web site usage rules (forum usage rules) and contract-offers, in particular for Internet shops and other trading units;
- finding of reliable providers for placement of your site (including servers abroad);
- registration of domain names, advice on choosing of a domain name, consultations on the registration and use of domain names;
- consultation with the issue of a written opinion on the use and protection of intellectual property;
- drafting of claims, motions and other business documents;
- solution of other related legal issues.

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