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International copyright registration
(WIPO, World Intellectual Property Organization)

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You have some copyright work: software, literary work, image, design, illustration, listing, photo, other intellectual property. If the work is successful, it will be subjected to derivation or plagiarism more than once. In this case the main thing will be to prove who the author is – i.e. who created before. Unfortunately, rare copyright works can be officially registered.

We offer to register your work with World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO, Geneva, Switzerland). WIPO will certify the date of submission of your work, and you will receive a WIPO certificate (in PDF format) and an electronic file (similar to EDS) from WIPO, containing information about your work and the date/time of its registration. This information can always be verified or confirmed (for the court) on the WIPO website.

In this way WIPO will certify that you submitted the work at a certain time (if you are really an author, then no one will be able to submit the work anywhere or to anyone before you). In the event of any conflict you can always rely on the authority of World Intellectual Property Organization, which recorded the fact that you had provided the work.

One registration can contain up to 20 files of any size and format.

P.S. please note that WIPO stores a "digital fingerprint" of your work, but not the work itself. This responsibility is reserved for you.

Execution terms: 7-10 days.

Price: 300 € (regardless of the volume and nature of the work).

1-2 days - standard tariff + 100%.

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