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Notarization of whatever copyright object:
computer program, literary work,
picture, drawing, design, illustration, listing, photo,
other intellectual property (hard copy version)
for Russian courts

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Imagine that you have any copyright object (for instance, computer program, literary work, picture, design, illustration, other creative work, etc.). In case the product is successful it will be "stolen" many times. Provided that you are faced with this problem it is necessary to prove that you are the exact author (that means that you have created it earlier). Unfortunately it is quite difficult to register the copyright objects officially. Therefore, you simply have another legal option: to legally certify the date of granting the work to the notary. The notary approves that the document is provided at the exact date. Therefore in case you are the author, nobody is able to provide the materials earlier. In case any conflict occurs you can always be able to show the official notary signature as well as the witness indications.

Execution terms: 15 days.

Price: 1.000 € (does not depend of the product volume).

7-9 days - standard tariff + 50%.
2-3 days - standard tariff + 100%.

Please note the following:
It is necessary to provide us with 2 identical non-stitched copies of the products of A4 format.

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