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Consultation on the follow questions:
domain (domain dispute), trade mark (brand),
copyright, personal photo, mass media,
protection of honor, dignity, business reputation, etc.


Actually on

It's quite frequently said as follows: "This is a violation of my copyright" or "Give us the domain name back because of this is a violation of my rights". You may stop the violation of rights, or in some cases prevent the rights from being violated in case you receive competent and qualified legal consultation in time. Moreover it is sometimes necessary to understand what to do in case either your rights are violated or on the contrary you have received any reclamations in order not to fail. Sometimes even there is no violation at all. In generally, everything depends on the primary appraisal of situation.

NB: The work performed is applied to the following domain zones: RU, SU, COM, NET, ORG, BIZ, INFO, as well as AERO, COOP, JOBS, MOBI, MUSEUM, NAME, PRO, TRAVEL.

Price list:
1. Remotely (only in Russian by phone/Skype/WhatsApp/Viber):
- for persons – 1
50 €,
- for companies – 200 €,

2. Oral form personally (only in Russian at time and place in Moscow, that are convenient for you, the Moscow Region is also possible):
- for persons – 300 €,
- for companies – 3
50 €,

3. Written form 1.000-2.500 € (preparation of a detailed legal opinion). The consultation is carried out till a client has any questions on the issue.

The consultation is carried out by the President of “Internet and Law” legal company – Anton Sergo, Prof., Doctor in Law.

P.S.: The above stated costs are set for the typical situations with an average scope of 80% works. In other case the price may either be decreased or increased. Therefore please provide us with the detailed situation description (as well as the necessary result) by e-mail: Afterwards you can receive confident price for your particular task.

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Some of our clients:

Nike Reuters
KLM Navitel
ВКонтакте BBC
Билайн КМБ-Банк
Акадо Zabbix
ТАСС WildBerries



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