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Repeal of site/domain name blocking in Russia
(Roskomnadzor, public prosecution, court)

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According to Art.15.1 of Federal law no. 149-FZ of July 27, 2006 “On information, informational technologies and the protection of information” for the purpose of restricting access to the Internet sites/domain name containing information whose dissemination in the Russian Federation is prohibited, the comprehensive automated information system "The Comprehensive Register of Domain Names, Indications of Site Pages on the Internet and Network Addresses Enabling to Identify the Sites on the Internet Whose Dissemination in the Russian Federation Is Prohibited" shall be created (hereinafter referred to as the register).

The following shall be included in the register:
1) domain names and/or indications of site pages in the Internet network containing information whose dissemination in the Russian Federation is prohibited;
2) network addresses enabling to identify the sites in the Internet network containing information whose dissemination in the Russian Federation is prohibited.

As grounds for including in the register the data shall be deemed:
1) decisions of the federal executive power bodies authorized by the Government of the Russian Federation which are adopted in compliance with their scope of authority in the procedure established by the Government of the Russian Federation in respect of the following which can be disseminated through the Internet:
- materials with pornographic images of minors and/or announcements about engaging minors as performers for participation in entertainment events of pornographic nature;
- information about the ways and methods of developing, making and using narcotic agents, psychotropic substances and their precursors, places where such agents, substances and their precursors can be acquired, about the methods and places of cultivating plants containing narcotic agents;
- information on ways of committing suicide, as well as calls for committing suicide;
- information about minors being victims of unlawful actions (omission to act), whose dissemination is prohibited by federal laws;
- information which violates the provisions of Federal Law No. 244-FZ of December 29, 2006 “On the State Regulation of the Organisation and Conduct of Gambling and on Amendments to Some Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation” and of Federal Law No. 138-FZ of November 11, 2003 “On Lotteries” concerning ban on the organisation and conduct of gambling and lotteries by means of the network "Internet" and other communication means;
- information containing offers of remote retail sale of alcoholic production, and (or) alcohol-containing food production, and (or) ethyl alcohol, and (or) alcohol-containing nonfood production, the retail sale of which is limited or prohibited by the legislation on state regulation of production and turnover of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic and alcohol-containing production and on restriction of consumption (drinking) of alcoholic products;
- information aimed at inducing or otherwise involving minors in the execution of unlawful acts that poses a threat to their life and (or) health or to the life and (or) health of other persons;
2) an effective court decision on declaring the information disseminated through the Internet as the one whose dissemination in the Russian Federation is prohibited.
If the decision on blocking was made erroneously or not reasonably, it may be appealed against and repealed.
It is always better to do it as soon as possible. Best of all - to do it when the decision is made, but has not yet entered into force. In this case you can save the site active for at least a few months, and at most - forever.

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Price for the typical services:
(the cost of our services can be enforced by action against the losing party)

I. Analysis of the expediency of participation in the trial: free of charge.
The information is given on the basis of the materials, received by e-mail. Only by Russian.

II. Analysis of the available judicial documents and elaboration of the case position: 1.000-2.500 €.

III. Participation in the judicial process: 3.000-8.000 € (usually 4.500 €),
In all the cases everything is included:
- preparation of all necessary documents,
- collection of the proofs available,
- notary attestation, all the requests, duties and gatherings.

About money: in all the aforesaid cases we require compensation of the costs, that have been already born (that is effective only in the first variant).
In case of peaceful settlement of the dispute money are returned in part depending on the court’s instance: 20% - 15% - 10%.
We pass the writ of execution concerning the successful case to the bailiff, so we support the transfer of a domain name, but not final enforcement of the judicial act.

The conduct of a case in the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service is carried out by the President of “Internet and Law” legal company – Anton Sergo, Prof., Doctor in Law.

IV. Your case: Describe your situation and available documents in details, that will allow to define the perspective exactly and to elaborate acceptable conditions of collaboration.

Note: the stated prices are set for the typical situations and cover around 80% of the works in total. Exclusively the prices may either be decreased or increased: therefore it is necessary to fully describe the existing situation (as well as the necessary result) and send your version to the following e-mail:, afterwards you will receive the fixed price for your particular task.

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